Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

AKC LongHaired Miniature Dachshunds


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Our mission here at Tootsie Roll Dachshunds in our breeding program is to produce Long Haired Miniature Dachshunds conforming to AKC Breed Standards with great conformation and excellent temperaments!

All Persons interested in Our puppies MUST fill out one of our Puppy Applications, We will be more than happy to send you an Application via email! 
WE DO NOT and WILL NOT EVER knowingly sell to Puppy shops, Puppy mills, or Irresponsible Breeders.
We like to talk with you and gather refferences so that we know our puppies are going to good homes for the right reasons!
All puppies will be sold on Spay/Neuter contract. Papers will not be given until proof of spay/nuetuer is shown.
Unless other arrangements have been made for approved  Full AKC show rights/and breeding programs.
Also, we do not allow or schedule puppy visits in the home prior to the pups First vaccines at 6 weeks!
This is for the protection of our puppies. Pups are very Vunerable and can catch anything from the air, even on the bottom of shoes when walkng into a house!
For this reason I understand it can be extremely hard when wanting to reserve a puppy before 6 weeks with out Meeting them, but we do offer bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) updated Pictures, videos, and even live videos! 
If you have a Iphone or Apple device we can chat on live camera via facetime!
( just please call and let me know Ahead of time ) :)
As soon as pups turn 8 weeks old and have been vaccinated/dewormed/and given Fl health certificate from our licensed veterinarian , you are more than welcome to come visit with us in our home! :)
Thank you! if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Dachshunds are NOT our pets,
 They are FAMILLY!!! 
We carefully select our dogs from breeders all over the US.
Again, please be aware that we like to get to know all our potential buyers and we may ask for vet reference as well.
Please provide us with some info about yourself when inquiring about our babies!
 All we want to do in life is raise a Happy and Healthy Family! With Gods Blessings we have it! Filled with lots of Love and "Doxie" kisses ofcourse!!
Our dogs mean the world to us ! Ask anyone who owns one of our puppies! we couldn't be prouder of our babies!

I always wanted a "small-medium" sized breed of dog, and after all my Research, Google, library books, and speaking to breeder after breeder about the Temperament, Loyalty, and laughs that a dachshund has to give, I fell head over heels in love!! I could not picture my family without our dachshunds! 

WE also have all the refferences available for you!

Feel free to contact us for refferences when inquiring about one of our Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds!



We Searched around for TOP QUALITY bloodlines to get us started in our breeding program. It is very important to choose a good temperament and healthy dog for breeding. We Continue to Plan to produce the finest quality in our dachshunds and to pass on our Dachshunds wonderful personalities and hope to be recognized as being Top Quality-In home dachshund breeders.
None of our dogs Are housed outdoors, Indoors ONLY, with us their Family!
& We expect the same with any Future Puppy Famillies that want a puppy from our home! 
Amber is truly one of a kind for us! She is a black and tan which is a standard color in the ''dachshund world'', but has the most beautiful disposition and long flowing ears! She is our absolute love and fur baby! Amber is retiring this year 2016 and will not be having anymore puppies. Amber has given us some beautiful Puppies in the past and im so honored to say we will be keeping a daughter of her last litter with Gordon to continue her legacy ! She will be spayed and remain here at home with us for her entire lifetime .
Marley is our King of the house! From his beautiful fluffy coat to his charming and Playful ways, we adore him in everysingle way !


Tootsie's "Cream Of The Crop" Gordon

Longhaired Chocolate & Cream 

 Our handsome boy is the brother to our Liberty bell , He is such a sweetheart! I love my boy so much ! I t amazes me everyday how much I cant live with out him !

He is also from Rocket Dox Miniature Dachshunds!

Thank you Angie & family ! We are blessed to have him !



Tootsie's Dancing Lady "Destiny"

Longhaired Black & Cream

Destiny is quite the beauty! All the way from Alabama, our gorgeous girl is a head turner for sure! from her long gorgeous ears, to her beautiful velvety coat! we love her!

Thank you Nicole!



Tootsies Lovely "Liberty Bell" 

Longhaired ee Cream 

 From Our very close and great friends at Rocket Dox Minature Dachshunds!


Tootsie's Charming Tales of Dawson

 Meet ''Dawson!''

He is our stunning Blue Based ee Cream Longhaired Miniature Dachshund

Thank you  to our friends Jennifer and Steve Newsome at Mystic Light Dachshunds !

Click the link below to see Dawsons Puppy video !



''Tootsie's Glistening Lake of Whispers from Gina's''

Whisper is our newest Addition and young Generation here at Tootsie Roll Dachshunds!