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Deposits & Shipping

                       Policy on Deposits on Our Precious Babies!



Buying a puppy is a Commitment.

You must be sure you and your family are up to the responsibility. We can't sell a puppy before speaking to you first (via phone) or in person.

*** A non-refundable $100.00 Deposit is required to reserve a puppy.***

 Under no circumstances should you ever surrender your dog to an animal shelter! If you should ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot keep your dachshund, and you cannot find a suitable, loving home for them, we ask that you Contact Us FIRST for Help with placement of your Dachshund in another home.

If necessary, we will gladly come to pick them up and provide a loving home for them until they can be placed elsewhere.





We require a minimum deposit of $100.00 of the purchase price

to hold your new puppy.
We cannot hold a puppy until we have received a deposit.

 Deposits are NON-refundable .


Payment Plans are available! Inquire for more information! We can break down your payment for you to make it easier! 



We accept Paypal , Visa, Amex

U.S Postal Money Orders & Cash 

We do NOT accept money orders issued by any other institution.

ONLY U.S. Postal Service money orders should be sent via an overnight service, like Express Mail, Federal Express, or UPS.
We will accept your cash/postal Money Order payment in person when coming to place a deposit on the puppy of your choice,or by mail & at the time of pick up Cash is the only option.

We will also accept a check. in some circumstances for a deposit only,

Bounced check fee is $36.00



We do not ship our Puppies!

But that doesn't mean you cant fly out directly!

We are more than Happy to meet you at Our Local Airport!We love to meet new Puppy Families!


**Your puppy can be picked up when they are 8-weeks-old in our home.**

You are always welcome to pick up your new puppy here in Coconut creek ,Fl!

 We'd love to meet you, and show off our lovely Doxies!

We can also bring your new puppy to meet you as far as Miami, Orlando, and Tampa at an additional cost for fuel. This could save you as much as 2 + hours off your round trip travel time. If you need us to travel farther, arrangements can be made for an additional fee. To calculate the amount of the delivery fee, Contact us with the closest city to you.

We can also Meet you at the airport if you are flying in, and your puppy is going to board the plane with you .

If meeting at the airport in person, and you would like us to purchase a onboard crate , we would be more than happy to accmodate you! Just let us know 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Florida!

  • Puppy Crate from PetSmart (based on a miniature puppy - under 5 pounds) [$39.99, plus tax 
  • Trip to vet, health check, and health certificate [$100.00](This Price is if flying in the U.S.)
  • If a special Flying certificate(to another country)for example Mexico'' is needed it is a $200.00 Cost-INSTEAD OF THE ORGINAL COST**
  • Transport Fee to Airport (1-2 hours round trip- depending on location) ($100.00 -$200.00 for fuel costs)

              Please Contact us to Make arrangements for AirTravel.


Dachshund Colors and Coats

  • Dachshunds come in many colors, coats & sizes, lets begin with Colors....

  • Isabella & Tan- Can be long haired, or smooth coats (short haired) and rarely wired Haired

  • Chocolate & Tan- long haired, smooth, chocolate can be choc & tan, choc and cream, or  very rarely solid chocolate

  • Blk & Tan- Long haired, Smooth, and wired

  • Red- Shaded red,  Clear red ,  and red dapple too! they come in  LongHaired , Smooth, and Wired.

  • Cream- Long haired, Short ,and Wired, Shaded english creams have some black hairs on their backs to their tails and ears. lightens as they get older .

  • Blk&Cream- Long haired, smooth,and wired coats

  • Chocolate & Cream- Long haired , Smooth,and wired

  • Wheaten- long haired, smooth and wired Coats

  • Wildboar- Usually in smooth coats, ive seen some in long and definitely wired.

  • As far as Patterns go .....These are Patterns that Dachshunds can have....

  • Dapple

  • Double Dapple- We do not breed double Dapples- Nor should anyone, its for the welfare of your puppies. Alot of Health risks...including, blindness , deafness, cancer , and other genetic diseases. Please research Double Dapples if you see someoone trying to sell you one! Thank you!

  • Brindle

  • Piebald

  • Dapple piebald

  • Solid


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