Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

AKC LongHaired Miniature Dachshunds

Its Show time!

Its Show time!

These are Past Puppies of ours Whom went to show homes & We are very proud to say they are from Our Dachshunds!

''Brag rights''..... just have to Brag about our babies!

1st Place for ''Best In Breed'' For ''Scheffler Violet Song !'' (April) is a past puppy from Amber & Marley !

April won Dog of the year of her breed in 2014!



 Lilac's Proud Dream at Tinoco's

This is Lilac - A past puppy from Marley & Liberty , born April of 2015 .

She has already some achievement's under her belt! Very proud of our girl!

Thank you Laura  Tinoco Garcia for all your dedication to Lilac and to her handler Arturo Rosas Bravos!

Amazing job your doing with Lilac!

 Lilac Obtained ...

Best of Breed 2016

-3rd place in adult group

-2nd place at Junior group.


3rd place *Best in Group

Best of breed 2016

Lilac as a baby ! Stacking even as a little one! Congratulations again Lilac, Laura and Arturo!

Dachshund Colors and Coats

  • Dachshunds come in many colors, coats & sizes, lets begin with Colors....

  • Isabella & Tan- Can be long haired, or smooth coats (short haired) and rarely wired Haired

  • Chocolate & Tan- long haired, smooth, chocolate can be choc & tan, choc and cream, or  very rarely solid chocolate

  • Blk & Tan- Long haired, Smooth, and wired

  • Red- Shaded red,  Clear red ,  and red dapple too! they come in  LongHaired , Smooth, and Wired.

  • Cream- Long haired, Short ,and Wired, Shaded english creams have some black hairs on their backs to their tails and ears. lightens as they get older .

  • Blk&Cream- Long haired, smooth,and wired coats

  • Chocolate & Cream- Long haired , Smooth,and wired

  • Wheaten- long haired, smooth and wired Coats

  • Wildboar- Usually in smooth coats, ive seen some in long and definitely wired.

  • As far as Patterns go .....These are Patterns that Dachshunds can have....

  • Dapple

  • Double Dapple- We do not breed double Dapples- Nor should anyone, its for the welfare of your puppies. Alot of Health risks...including, blindness , deafness, cancer , and other genetic diseases. Please research Double Dapples if you see someoone trying to sell you one! Thank you!

  • Brindle

  • Piebald

  • Dapple piebald

  • Solid


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