Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

AKC LongHaired Miniature Dachshunds

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Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

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Dachshund Colors and Coats

  • Dachshunds come in many colors, coats & sizes, lets begin with Colors....

  • Isabella & Tan- Can be long haired, or smooth coats (short haired) and rarely wired Haired

  • Chocolate & Tan- long haired, smooth, chocolate can be choc & tan, choc and cream, or  very rarely solid chocolate

  • Blk & Tan- Long haired, Smooth, and wired

  • Red- Shaded red,  Clear red ,  and red dapple too! they come in  LongHaired , Smooth, and Wired.

  • Cream- Long haired, Short ,and Wired, Shaded english creams have some black hairs on their backs to their tails and ears. lightens as they get older .

  • Blk&Cream- Long haired, smooth,and wired coats

  • Chocolate & Cream- Long haired , Smooth,and wired

  • Wheaten- long haired, smooth and wired Coats

  • Wildboar- Usually in smooth coats, ive seen some in long and definitely wired.

  • As far as Patterns go .....These are Patterns that Dachshunds can have....

  • Dapple

  • Double Dapple- We do not breed double Dapples- Nor should anyone, its for the welfare of your puppies. Alot of Health risks...including, blindness , deafness, cancer , and other genetic diseases. Please research Double Dapples if you see someoone trying to sell you one! Thank you!

  • Brindle

  • Piebald

  • Dapple piebald

  • Solid


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