Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

AKC LongHaired Miniature Dachshunds

Planned Breedings

 Planned Breedings


 Our Babies are always housed indoors and raised with the family environment. Mom and puppies spend 3 weeks with us in our room, then move to the family room in their play pens with mommy for more everyday family environment and early socialization.

Future Waiting List

Planned Breeding's for Mid 2016



Destiny & Marleys litter have arrived !


Update as of 10-8-16 puppies have arrived !!!!

4 beautiful babies have arrived !  

All Puppies in this litter wil be priced Accordingly...

 $1200.00 For males Pet Price Only 

$1350.00 for Females Pet Price Only 

***Please inquire for Full AKC pricing*** 

Deposit Holders List rights-.TOOTSIE ROLL DACHSHUNDS

(we reserve the right to pick of the litter for every litter)

1.Erin Looney-Congratulations !!!!

2nd spot -Jasmine- Congratulations!!!

3rd Spot- Mila Harney- Congratulations !!!

4th Spot -Open  


Please contact us to get on any Future Waiting list for our other Planned Breedings!



To get on our Waiting list email or contact us ! 

[email protected]

Tootsie Roll Dachshunds 2016

Dachshund Colors and Coats

  • Dachshunds come in many colors, coats & sizes, lets begin with Colors....

  • Isabella & Tan- Can be long haired, or smooth coats (short haired) and rarely wired Haired

  • Chocolate & Tan- long haired, smooth, chocolate can be choc & tan, choc and cream, or  very rarely solid chocolate

  • Blk & Tan- Long haired, Smooth, and wired

  • Red- Shaded red,  Clear red ,  and red dapple too! they come in  LongHaired , Smooth, and Wired.

  • Cream- Long haired, Short ,and Wired, Shaded english creams have some black hairs on their backs to their tails and ears. lightens as they get older .

  • Blk&Cream- Long haired, smooth,and wired coats

  • Chocolate & Cream- Long haired , Smooth,and wired

  • Wheaten- long haired, smooth and wired Coats

  • Wildboar- Usually in smooth coats, ive seen some in long and definitely wired.

  • As far as Patterns go .....These are Patterns that Dachshunds can have....

  • Dapple

  • Double Dapple- We do not breed double Dapples- Nor should anyone, its for the welfare of your puppies. Alot of Health risks...including, blindness , deafness, cancer , and other genetic diseases. Please research Double Dapples if you see someoone trying to sell you one! Thank you!

  • Brindle

  • Piebald

  • Dapple piebald

  • Solid


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