Tootsie Roll Dachshunds

AKC LongHaired Miniature Dachshunds

What We Feed Our Doxies!

                              What we Feed Our Doxies!



Our Miniature Dachshund Adults and puppies are now and once again Fed Solid Gold!

- We have decided to no longer feed Royal Canin, due to our decision to feed once again'' a Holistic brand of dog food !

Our dogs and Puppies love the food!

And we cannot stray away from a brand that we trust! 

Our Puppies are now being fed Solid Gold formula!


 We Believe Our Doxies are Family First so we Always try to feed them With a Brand Of Food they'll Love as well as Gain Nutritional Benefits From! Its important to produce healthy puppies from healthy dogs!

Please visit there website to learn more and for nutrition information!


Our Adults are now being fed Solid Gold






Dachshund Colors and Coats

  • Dachshunds come in many colors, coats & sizes, lets begin with Colors....

  • Isabella & Tan- Can be long haired, or smooth coats (short haired) and rarely wired Haired

  • Chocolate & Tan- long haired, smooth, chocolate can be choc & tan, choc and cream, or  very rarely solid chocolate

  • Blk & Tan- Long haired, Smooth, and wired

  • Red- Shaded red,  Clear red ,  and red dapple too! they come in  LongHaired , Smooth, and Wired.

  • Cream- Long haired, Short ,and Wired, Shaded english creams have some black hairs on their backs to their tails and ears. lightens as they get older .

  • Blk&Cream- Long haired, smooth,and wired coats

  • Chocolate & Cream- Long haired , Smooth,and wired

  • Wheaten- long haired, smooth and wired Coats

  • Wildboar- Usually in smooth coats, ive seen some in long and definitely wired.

  • As far as Patterns go .....These are Patterns that Dachshunds can have....

  • Dapple

  • Double Dapple- We do not breed double Dapples- Nor should anyone, its for the welfare of your puppies. Alot of Health risks...including, blindness , deafness, cancer , and other genetic diseases. Please research Double Dapples if you see someoone trying to sell you one! Thank you!

  • Brindle

  • Piebald

  • Dapple piebald

  • Solid


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